13 Phases

...on how change changes within and in the world.

In studying the Mayan glyphs, we learn that change occurs as a process. 
There are thirteen phases, steps or periods.

According to Carl Calleman,  a Ninth wave (Universal cycle) of evolution of consciousness occurred in 2011.  This cycle of growth took place in 13 steps of 18 days periods (234 days) from March 9 to October 28, 2011. The previous wave (8th wave, Galactic cycle) had a duration of approximately 12 years and each step or period took 360 days. Hence, a key factor that Calleman noted, is that each wave of growth occurred 20 times faster than the previous one!

Today, if you are in the midst of change - what phases, period or patterns are you experiencing?

(1)    Initiation
Cultivate awareness and create intentions to identify areas of growth & change

(2)    Activates
Additional situations, components, ingredients (people, place, things) are introduced as part of initiating change

(3)    Creates a Reaction
Transformation and change begin movement.  What is occurring within and around you?  Are there certain dynamics in relationship(s) surfacing?  How would you describe challenging aspects that arise?

(4)     Stabilizes
Take note of the dynamic between action (doing) and stillness (being) as part of the process of change and transformation. 

(5)      Empowers Change
What is familiar to you when change occurs? Comfort, ease and excitement?
Or resistance? An increase in stress?  How can you benefit from learning how to support change?

(6)     Creates Flow
What action is being called forth to transform within self? What shift in attitude, behavior or activity might be needed within oneself to bring closure and resolution to situations that are pending?

(7)      Reveals 
What is emerging in your life?  What does this look or feel like? 
Upon reflection what are the new skills and attitudes to develop or challenges to address?

(8)       Harmonizes
Take time to rest. Give yourself a hug.  Acknowledge the depth or intensity of your emotions.  Appreciate and offer gratitude to what is at this time.  Enjoy the present moment. Immerse and nurture your well-being. Take care of the environment around you.

(9)       Creates Movement
It is a period of movement and growth. Be attentive and leverage new opportunities. Be receptive to the gifts that are offered to you - spontaneous connections with others, a sign from nature, a phrase that captures your attention on the news, etc... 

(10)      Challenges
It is a period observe and transform aspects of life that come up relating to challenges, obstacles, and that which may be hidden.  What choices are being made?  Are these decisions, consciously or unconsciously, motivated by fear or by love? 

(11)     Creates Clarity 
To observe what is happening, what might be noticed by pressing the 'pause button' on your thoughts or taking a break during long hours of focused concentration.  What happens to the intensity of interaction or productivity?

(12)     Creates Understanding
What different questions might we ask ourselves or others regarding current experiences and situations to bring about additional information and insight? What resistance or unwillingness may be blocking the ability to receive, to flow abundantly?

(13)    Completion
Acknowledge the gifts of manifestation.  What seeds planted ~ 13 steps ago ~ are now blossoming?


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