Planting Seeds of Awareness

Day 1 of the Universal Cycle in the Mayan Calendar

Plant Seeds of Awareness and Inspiration

by Catherine Gee

In winter, gardeners begin preparing and growing seedlings indoors, getting ready for the upcoming outdoor planting season. What would it look like to spend time preparing for your own growth, healing, and transformation?

2011 is a year for individual and collective growth like no other. In Carl J. Calleman's study and research of the Mayan Calendar, he describes the Mayan Calendar as a map of the evolution of consciousness in which there are nine cycles of growth and change. Eight cycles have already begun. For example the eighth cycle began on January 5, 1999, the seventh cycle started on July 24, 1755, and the sixth cycle on Aug11, 3115 BC. What is fascinating about the ninth cycle, which actually begins this month on Wednesday March 9th 2011, is that the entire cycle consists of only 234 days. In comparison, the eighth cycle has a duration of 12.8 years, the seventh cycle a duration of 256 years, and the six cycle a duration of 5125 years and so on. This ninth cycle, also known as the Universal cycle, actually occurs entirely in 2011. Amazing. Riding the waves of this accelerated Universal cycle may be quite the exciting journey ahead!

The theme or opportunity of the Universal cycle is to create unity consciousness. It is an opportunity for individuals to tap into, develop and express their unique talent and abilities in ways that bring fulfillment to their hearts while also contributing in some way or form out in the world - at home, at work, and/or in community. It is a time to cultivate and participate with an expanded awareness in families, groups and teams; to refine our capacity to relate and to collaborate more effectively in inspiring ways. Let's increase our sense of responsibility for the Earth and in our own lives. We can do better with the 3Rs: recycle, reuse, & reduce, put effort both into sustainability & profitability, reflect and take action in creating a world for our children's children, etc...

Just as there is natural process for an acorn to become an oak tree, in the Mayan Calendar there are phases of growth and change in the evolution of consciousness within cycle. Day 1, the first phase of eighteen days in this ninth cycle, can be described as “Sowing”. During this period, it is a time to prepare. To plant the seeds of awareness and to imagine our growth and personal development and the healing of Mother Earth. You may not know the full extent of your potential or the details in how to get there. Yet, to prepare, at this stage, is to connect with your heart, mind, body and soul. Between March 9th and March 26rd take time to pause and reflect. Prepare by creating quiet time. Spend time in meditation/ prayer, or as you ski, skate, walk outside in nature, open your senses to the signs and whisperings from your heart.

For a few minutes each day and notice your breathe, slow down your breathing. Let go of thoughts about what happened yesterday, or what will happen in the next few hours. Release tension in your body. Bring your awareness to the present moment. For a few minutes simply relax. Create feelings of peace, harmony, and love within your heart.

Reflect: What does living my Heart's Song look like? Feel like?

How can I bring more self-care into my day or week?

How can I best serve others? At home? At work? The community I live?

Envision. Feel. Sense.

You are part of an inspired workplace.

We are part of a harmonious and loving world.

Let go of inner chatter. Listen to your inner guidance. As much as possible, bring and sense feelings of love, and gratitude in your heart. Open to the possibility there may be another step to consider, sometimes, before engaging and jumping in action or reaction. Invite more inspiration, more joy and more guidance into your life to support what is happening in the world around and within you.

Imagine as you lovingly plant seeds of your vision and ideals in your thoughts, emotions, and actions you support the blossoming of your heart's song, and that of the heart in our universe in the months ahead.

Catherine Gee is passionate about assisting others tap into their own creativity and soul's potential. She is a Healer - Life Coach, and Leadership development consultant and is fascinated by the Mayan Calendar and what the Mayan elders have to say.