AhA Moments (Full Moon)

AhA Moments:  Take time to discover the wisdom within. 
Be supported as you connect to a sacred space within a facilitated group process.
Expand awareness.  Acknowledge
Insightful reflections. Create empowered choices.  Inspired action. 

and develop awareness of energy
(flow of ki, light and information) around you

Learn to sense energy in your body, mind, and
subtle energy fields

Increase your perception and intuition as you
connect to your own rhythm and wisdom within

Reconnect, rest and rejuvenate with
your unique life force and be supported by the universal field around you.

Aha Moments - Full Moon
7:00pm to 8:30 pm

Check-in with your wisdom within. 
Through the use of gentle yoga, meditation and energy healing
observe and create space for insights to emerge.

It is an excellent time for REFLECTION during Full Moon.
Through energy work, energy awareness: Be supported and release that which might be preventing flow, joy, or what your heart & soul most desires.

Location will be sent upon registration. Limited to 8 participants.
To register contact Catherine by email  cgee2013(insert@sign)gmail.com  or call 613 296  6288