Are You Following Your Fascination?

by Catherine Gee

Are you curious or fascinated by personal growth, transformation, healing, creativity, or strengthening community through unity?

How about bringing more joy, abundance, prosperity, or well-being into your life?

If yes, jump for joy, celebrate and prepare for the beginning of the Universal cycle in the Mayan Calendar! According to author and teacher, Carl J. Calleman (The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness) from February to October 2011, humanity has an opportunity to take part in leaps of consciousness every 20 days. From the beginning of the Galactic cycle, which started in 1999, the world stage has seen a rapid growth in technology (just think of the internet) as well as several events that have brought the topic of ethics to the forefront (oil spills, WikiLeaks, etc). On an individual level, we may have been called or found ourselves in the middle of challenges that required us to make changes in our lives. By looking at these challenges as opportunities we may have been guided to reflect on our own integrity and ability to take responsibility for our lives. Life has a way of showing us where and what can change so that we can each experience living more authentically, respectfully, and with joy!

Calleman discovered that as the cycles changed in the Mayan Calendar, the pattern of acceleration increased. So, on the one hand, these days it may feel like we are always being rushed, and there is not enough time to do everything. This is because there is so much more opportunity, activities, and information 'out there' in the world today. And we want it all now (or yesterday!). What the Mayan Calendar demonstrates is that in each subsequent cycle, the capacity for humanity and individuals to create (ideas, things, projects, etc) has grown exponentially. As we move into the Universal cycle, leaps in consciousness and opportunities to learn will continue to grow and grow.

Hence, we are living in exciting times. We, each as individuals and collectively together as humanity, have an opportunity to explore what it means to be living in a purely materialistic world versus an enlightened one. Imagine a world where we are all inspired to live from our highest potential: to be free and live in abundance, to easily love and forgive ourselves and others, to take care of our environment, natural resources, plants, and animals around us. What a wonderful world it can be!

To begin creating paradise in your life, author and teacher Barbara Hand Clow (The Mayan Code, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions) says to follow your fascination. By following your fascination you automatically bring passion and purpose into reality. What are you curious about? What catches your attention? Can you pick up that book? Or go for a walk in nature? Or maybe listen to music?

It is that simple. Follow Your Fascination.

You can do it. Begin paying attention to your fascination and take action towards living more fully, purposefully and joyfully in 2011.

Above article was published in the February Issue of Ottawa Natural.

Julie Desmarais, an Emotional Intuitive and Holographic/Usui Reiki Master Teacher Trainer, and Catherine Gee, Healer - Life Coach - Creative SOULutions consultant, became fascinated by the Mayan Calendar and what the Mayan elders have to say. Together they continue to study the Mayan Calendar and transformation of consciousness. They facilitate workshops to support and inspire others to “Follow your Fascination” and invite all those who are called to explore and learn together to come play, ascend and expand consciousness - by following their fascination.

Additional notes: A new cycle of the Tzolkin – a sacred count of 260 days – begins on Feb 11, 2011. The sacred count of 260 days contains a rotation of 20 Day Signs, in addition to a rotation of thirteen Tones. The 9th wave of creation, the Universal Cycle, begins on March 9th, 2011(activation March 8th) and will contain cycles of 18 days. There are cycles within cycles in the Mayan Calendar!!!