body wisdom

Bring awareness to your body as one of the doorways to exploring your body-mind-spirit connection.
Through expressive arts, mindfulness and movement find out what your body wisdom has to say to help foster healing and transformation.

Catherine teaches yoga classes inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli (author of Awakening the Spine), and incorporates the inspiration of both guided and free flowing form of Yoga Dance: Shake Your Soul®. 

Somatic Expressive Therapy
SomaSoul® : Somatic Expressive Therapy, synthesizes the expressive arts, body awareness  into an integrative process that helps clients identify and work through challenges and difficulties in their lives.

Sacred Circle Dance:
An excellent opportunity to relax the mind, explore rhythms occurring within, as well as take note of the experience of being supported by others simultaneously. Expand awareness within and around you as you take part in creating a circle, listen to inspiring music (contemporary, traditional, folk), and engage in movement to form Sacred Circle Dance.  Steps (repetitive patterns) for each Sacred Circle Dance are first shared and practiced prior to dancing in circle.  

For more information on yoga classes, sacred circle dance or to book a SomaSoul® session, contact Catherine