Axiatonal Alignment Workshop

Activate your Light (Energy) Body  

Axiatonal 2013apr  

Axiatonal Alignment - Teacher's certification
1 day class
10 am - 4:30 pm

Axiatonal Alignment sessions energize your physical body,
activate the connection between your individual (personality) consciousness,
soul (higher self), collective consciousness and other dimensions (time & space, morphogenetic fields, etc), as well as universal and cosmic consciousness (Source).

In this one day class:
    • Learn about the Light Body
    • Receive an Axiatonal Alignment session
    • Practice the process and steps to facilitate an Axiatonal Alignment session for yourself and/or others
    • Become certified to teach this material to others, if you choose. 
Dates for next class, contact Catherine   

"During the session, I felt energy flowing throughout my entire body,
 not just in the place where I previously felt pain. 
 I feel I've received a Whole Body Tune Up!"   J.L.

"Minutes before my session, I received a phone call that a very dear friend of mine had just passed away, leaving me feeling very upset. Catherine was very sensitive to my emotional state and directed the session to facilitate healing through the Axiatonal process. It helped me tremendously to release my sadness and expand into my higher self.
I was able to better integrate my feelings without being pulled down by them.  
I felt aspects of myself being pulled back into together into "my self". 

through this process. I returned to more balanced experience of Self.
Thank you Catherine for this timely gift." S.T.