Life Coaching

Specializing in supporting and inspiring transformation and change.
Leverage change and step into your Life's Potential

Renew your sense of purpose and passion.

Rediscover or re-vector your life and/or work purpose
Identify the phase you are currently experiencing: Go For It, Doldrums, Cocooning, and Getting Ready.

    Create a foundation for your life:  envision, imagine, set inspiring intentions.
    Overcome blocks and challenges in moving forward. Experience what is possible now.
    Incorporate and learn to nurture one's Self (self-confidence, self-esteem)

Catherine is a 2001 graduate of the professional coaching program
at Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara (ICF approved program).

Explore your potential
Cultivate your awareness of the life within and around you. Empower your own personal growth.

    Learn about stages of personal development.

    Develop your leadership ability and agility to express your potential.
    Share your unique gifts and skills.

Catherine has mentored individuals and groups.  In organization implemented a leadership and coaching training program for mid-level managers.  Feedback from a colleague and participant, "Working with Catherine truly expanded my conventional thinking of Leadership.  Her style is one of collaborative and has gained tremendous respect amongst peers we worked with."