Day 2 - Activates, Germinates

On April 14th as the period Day 2 begins it is 11 Aq'ab'al in the Mayan Calendar.  From Denise Barrios,

 "Power 11 and Aq'ab'al, the dawn, offer you anew the opportunity to do your part, as your help is needed to build a more just world"

Meditate, journal, colour or draw with Aq'ab'al to gain clarity, open to new possibilities, or rejuvenate
as the Ninth Wave of Universal consciousness progresses through the period of Day 2 from April 14 to May 1.

Day 2 is a period of Germination. 
What has been seeded during Day 1 begins to take form!

  • Notice what is changing within and around you.
  • Notice if there a sense of resistance occurring.  Moving through some resistance, movement to change space/form, is part of a natural process. 
  • Become aware what might be a familiar, or reactive response to resistance.  Does this hinder, stop or support growth and change?