Day 5 - Night 5

Day 5 (July 31 - Aug 17,2011) is  the ninth of thirteen periods of the Universal Cycle in the Mayan Calendar.
It is a period of MOVEMENT and GROWTH.  

In regards to the Mayan Calendar, I learned that as we go through each period of eighteen days in the Ninth Cycle - there is a connection,  and perhaps even a continuation of the process (of transformation, challenge, change, healing, etc..) from that same period from previous cycles.

For example, an exercise:
  • Reflect what was occurring in your life during the 5th Day of the Galactic Cycle (Nov 2006 thru Nov 2007). Are there threads from the past that are connected to what created movement (change) in the 5th Day of the Universal cycle (Jul 31 to Aug 17, 2011) in your life?
        During NIGHT 5 (Aug 18 to Sept 4, 2011) of this Universal Cycle, it is a period observe and transform                    aspects of life that come up relating to CHALLENGES, DESTRUCTION, and or LETTING GO. 
  • Hence,  it may be a good time to also reflect back to the 5th NIGHT of the Galactic Cycle (Nov 2007 to Nov 2008) to gain insight to what may be unfinished, and is now surfacing as an opportunity to engage in transformation, healing, and change.
Isn't it exciting - to be able to actively take part, and take steps along the way to creating healthier, fulfilling life?!

As CHANGE, HEALING and PERSONAL GROWTH continues to occur in your life, may you continue to find nourishment and support for your body-mind-and-soul.

Be well.