Ebb and Flow: Deepen and Integrate

Sunday FEBRUARY 13, 2011 from 10am to 5pm

Calleman discovered that as the cycles changed in the Mayan Calendar, the pattern of acceleration increased. So, on the one hand, it may feel like we are always being rushed, and there is not enough time to do everything. This is because there are so many more opportunities, activities, and much easier access to information 'out there' in the world today. What the Mayan Calendar demonstrates is that in each subsequent cycle, the capacity for individuals to create (ideas, things, projects, etc) has grown exponentially.  To support our ability to creatively contribute our skills and gifts out in the world, we must also tap into the wisdom within. 

  • Deepen your understanding and integrate the significance of the shift from the Galactic to Universal cycle in the Mayan Calendar within your own life

  • Practice staying grounded and centered

  • Explore, go deeper and integrate your unique connection to your Higher Self, Mother Earth and Father Sky

  • Continue to discover and open your heart to the love that you are

  • Create intentions to co-create and support Unity consciousness in your life

Location:           James Street Wellness Center, 20 James Street, 3rd Floor

What to bring:     Water bottle, dress in layers, optional: yoga mat for meditation, warm-up exercises

Contribution:       $111

Registration required.