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SoulCollage®, June 13th

Discover your Soul's Wisdom

SC 2013 postcard 

using SoulCollage® 

"I love SoulCollage® and highly recommend it!
It helped move through a very difficult
transition more gracefully and peacefully. 
It was fun, brought out my intuition and creativity
and helped me understand the deeper symbolic messages of my soul."'
Julie Desmarais  

Thursday June 13, 2013 
 Introduction to SoulCollage® 
6 pm to 7 pm
Learn about the SoulCollage® process and begin
to create your own card and personal oracle/divination deck.
Card-making materials included.

SoulCollage®: Card Making and Card Readings
7:15 pm to 9:15 pm 
 Playfully work with images and develop a symbolic language, 
 a direct connection, to your inner wisdom and Soul essence.  
Receive Soul messages and insights  
through facilitated individual and group SoulCollage® card-readings. 

Previous experience with SoulCollage® or Introduction to SoulCollage® session  required  for 7:15pm session.  Bring your existing SoulCollage® cards and card-making materials (8”x5” matte board).  

Matte boards and Seena’s books on SoulCollage® will be also be available for purchase.  

Participate in both sessions for $35.

To register contact Catherine