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Spring 2013 Mini-Sessions

SPRING into action!
Schedule a mini-session to gain insight, increase flow of life force, empower and/or support change in your life.

Feeling stuck, frustrated, looking for answers or undecided as to which direction to take ?

Consider an Oracle Card reading to
  • reveal information and insights to provide understanding to guide your next step(s) forward
  • sense and practice developing your intuitive abilities 
Catherine will share insights and wisdom from the card reading itself, as well as gently guide and support
your own knowing, intuitive sense of interpreting the answers that come.

Energize your Light Body

We are more than what we seem!

Receive the flow of Chi/Qi/Prana - Light as a vibrational Life Force - into your energy field (etheric and physical body) to empower and energize what is needed at this time.
  • move stuck energy
  • release tension
  • increase your Life Force to be a catalyst in your own healing, increase your health's vitality

Oracle card reading + Energy healing*, time permitting ; or spend time energizing your Light Body

    15min session for $20   (oracle card reading or energy session only)
    40min session for $55   (3 or 5 card spread with energy healing time permitting, or energy session only)

* Mini Energy healings sessions include: Reiki or Reconnective Healing or Localized Axiatonal Activations.
  Whole Self Axiatonal Alignment sessions are 1 hr sessions at $75. 
  Prepaid package available for 3x 1hr session at $65 per hr.

To schedule a session or for more information, contact Catherine

Home office: Ottawa-West.

Starting March 27th, on Wednesdays,  sessions with Catherine will also be at

Mother Earth Natural Health at 747D Richmond Road. 

Wednesday afternoons by appointment.

Visit the store anytime, and put your name in the WEEKLY DRAW
for a FREE Mini-Session ($55 value) during the month of April.

10% off in the store, Saturdays: next date April 27th.

Webpage updated April 18th, 2013.