Intro to Mayan Calendar (May 5)

The Mayan Calendar is a tool to better understand and leverage cycles of change and growth in your own life

We are at an amazing period in the history of mankind. From his study of Mayan artifacts and past historical events, Carl Calleman highlights this year, 2011, as an important year for individuals and together collectively as humanity to step up and take action:  to observe, participate, and co-create consciously in a cycle of change and growth.  And to do so over a period of 8 months, 234 days to be exact!  This is unprecedented, as up to now, previous cycles have been several years, centuries, even millennia and more in duration. This evening, learn more about the Mayan Calendar system as a tool, and discover how to leverage this map to support transformation, healing and change in your own life.  Reduce stress in your life as you gain resources to support flowing with cycles of change and growth instead of going up against it.

Catherine Gee is a teacher, healer and life coach. She brings a holistic approach to her work, assisting others to utilize the power of their mind, tap into the wisdom of their body through somatic movement (YogaDance, SomaSoul), and connect to the non-physical realms of spirit and soul through energy work. She has over five years experience facilitating workshops in organizations, and in wellness centres. She inspires and assists others to nurture their creativity, promote conscious leadership, to follow their fascination and live with more joy at home and in the workplace !

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When:  Thursday May 5th
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