Mayan Calendar (Aug 8)

Monday August 8th is the midpoint of Day 5 in the Ninth Cycle of the Mayan Calendar

Day 5 is a period to create movement 
Empower your inner transformation as life changes emerge
Take part in an evening of discussion and meditation inspired by the work and teaching
of Barbara Hand Clow, author of ‘Alchemy of Nine Dimensions’ 
  •    Gather additional insight about Day 5 and Night 5 in the Mayan Calendar
  •    Through music, movement and meditation engage and connect with your body, mind and spirit   
Location: James Street Wellness Center, 20 James Street, 3rd Floor
Time:  7:30pm to 9:00 pm.  Arrive at 7:15 pm to register and pay at the door.
Cost : $15.  

What to Bring:
A Crystal - optional; 
Arrive a few minutes earlier and place a crystal in the center of our circle.
Your crystal will be charged with energy from our evening and
can be placed in a sacred space as your return home or at work.