Mayan Calendar Insights (Nov 5)

Gain perspectives on the intensity and acceleration of change taking place regarding the evolution of consciousness, extrapolated from the study of the Mayan Calendar.

Most people reference and use a calendar every day to track time. Business executives check to see when they need to be at their next meetings. The busy mom tracks time to schedule several family activities per week. Students ensure that their papers are turned in on time.

For Mayan peoples in today, the Mayan calendar is important tool in daily life.  The calendar actually uses several different cycles, or methods of keeping track of time according to astronomic or mythic events. Yet there are many different Mayan Calendars, and the tracking of time is one of many purposes.  Many experts consider it the most advanced, and a clear indication of the scholarly emphasis in Mayan culture.

  • Learn key dates for 2012 and beyond.
  • Prepare and practice for the global meditations occurring on 11/11/11.
  • Through movement, meditation and music:  explore and celebrate the wisdom of your heart.

Create a New Earth with Love.

When:  Saturday November 5, 2011
            3:30pm to 5:00pm

Where:  PranaShanti Yoga Centre,  52 Armstrong St
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Cost:  $20 per person

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