Intro to Mayan Calendar - Night 1

Introduction to the Mayan Calendar
Learn its use as a tool related to the prophecy of the evolution of consciousness and humankind.

On the first day of the Ninth Wave, an 9.0 Earthquake occured, and two days later a Tsunami.  On Friday March 11, the energy of the number 3 and the nagual (day sign) Muluc ruled. The energy of 3 symbolizes movement and activation.   From "The book of Destiny" by Carlos Barrios, 
Muluc symbolizes "the law of cause and is the raindrop,  the start of communication from higher life."

Learn more about Mayan Astrology.
Become familiar with your number and day sign.

Gain an understanding of the cycles and sacredness of Mayan Calendar.

Use the Mayan Calendar to explore and understand the process of growth and change that is occurring in your own life

Take part in a group meditation to co-create and experience universal consciousness

Mayan Calendar Study Group - Night 1 - Creates a Reaction
Monday April 4th, 2011
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Mother Earth Natural Health
747D Richmond Rd


Facilitated by Catherine Gee

What to Bring  (optional)
A journal + pen

REGISTER at Mother Earth Natural Health, or register online (see To Register under Event Registration on this website) or contact Catherine at