Higher Mind Meditation (Oct 29)

"When a human reaches up to his/her Higher Mind and accesses the vibrational gifts from that realm (of his or her own higher consciousness), she or he will be filled with inspiration and courage.  And this type of inspiration and courage could change the world through actions that are then taken by that individual." 
- Tom Kenyon (via The Hathors)

    Explore, listen and receive Sound, Light and Information to support
           healing and transformation in your life

Through an exploration of Sound and Meditation tap into higher levels of awareness
  • Experience sound and vibrations to connect with your Celestial Soul, and Highest Destiny
  • Engage in discussion and practical exercises to experience, sense and know your own Higher Mind
  • Through meditation, with sound and sometimes with movement, connect to your unique sense of divine guidance and intuition to empower living from a place inspiration and courage.
  • Are you willing to connect to your Higher Mind to change dynamics occurring in your life?
           i.e. discover insight to move from frustration to flow, shift from fear to love, etc..
  • Spend time with your Higher Mind to inspire moving forward in your life
Workshop led and facilitated by Catherine Gee

Saturday October 29, 2011
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

James Street Wellness Center
20 James St, 3rd Floor


Register by sending an email to Catherine at cgee2013@gmail.com
Pay at the door.