Mini-sessions (June 23)

Catherine is offering mini-sessions to generate AhA Moments at

 Mother Earth Natural Health, 747D Richmond Rd
    Saturday June 23rd, 2012
    10:30am  to  2:30 pm

    $20 for a 20 minute session. 
    Choose a)  Mayan Astrology or b) Oracle Card reading with Energy Healing

Mayan Astrology

Learn about the the Sacred Calendar in Mayan Cosmology.
Receive information about your Mayan Cross - including Day Sign, Conception & Destiny Signs.

Utilize Mayan Astrology to discover the energy and dynamics that are part of your unique self-expression.
Get a sense of direction or aspects pertaining to your life purpose.

Oracle Card Reading with Energy Healing
Receive a snapshot of the energy dynamics at play in your life.
With the support life coaching and/or energy healing generate AhA moments.
Discover and leverage opportunities to transform challenges and inspire positive change in your life. 
Attune and receive the vibrational frequencies to release and/or empower what is needed at this time.

Drop in
or to schedule a session, contact Mother Earth Natural Health at 613.321.3557