A New Cycle Begins!

Friday FEBRUARY 11th, 2011 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Creating Sacred Space with Sacred Sound, Movement and Meditation

A new cycle of the Tzolkin - the sacred count of days in the Mayan calendar - begins on February 11, 2011. 

The Mayan calendar provides a map of the evolution of consciousness.  According to author and teacher of Mayan cosmology, Carl Calleman,  there are nine cycles or waves of creation in the evolution of consciousness.

As this new Tzolkin cycle begins, join with others on the evening of February 11th to prepare, to celebrate and to step into the movement from the current Galactic wave to the Universal wave of conscious enlightenment.

With Special Guest:
Our opening circle will feature Pamela Holm's healing voice and inspiring music with singing bowls.  For more information on Pamela Holm, MTA, visit Deep Soul Energetics at 

Gather in community to create unity.
Listen to sacred sound.
Open your heart to love.
Receive blessings from the Divine.

Location:            Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill Avenue

What to bring:     Water bottle, dress in layers

                            optional: musical instruments (drum, rattle, etc)

Contribution:       $25 (cash at the door)


  a 260 count of days represented by a rotation 20 day signs matched with a particular Tone. Each of the thirteen tones has its own energy or qualities as does each of day signs.

Galactic Cycle:
The 8th wave of creation consists of 360 day cycles, and started Jan 4tth, 1999
Significant trend:
Information Technology revolution

Universal Cycle:
The 9th wave of creation representing
Unity Consciousness.
consists of 18 day cycles
from March 9, 2011
 to October 28, 2011