Night 1 - Creates a Reaction

Sunday March 27th to Wednesday April 13th 2011

Notice what is CREATING a REACTION in your life?
  • Are there situations, conversations or interactions that cause an immediate reaction, an outward response or internal pressure within?
  • Perhaps there are new opportunities or inspiring thoughts that  appear on your path?
It is a period to take note what might be calling for your attention to learn,  to explore,  to heal, and to transform.

Cultivate Joy,  Appreciation or Gratitude
  • Bring attention to your heart center or heart chakra.  Create a feeling of joy, appreciation or gratitude in your heart.   
For more information on how to connect with appreciation and gratitude, I recommend listening to Tom Kenyon's audio clip titled "Cats and Dogs - Appreciation or Gratitude".
  • Next, as you feel joy, appreciation or gratitude in your heart, spend a few moments envisioning your dreams, listen to the whisperings of your heart & soul, and remember the seeds of inspiration planted during the first 18 days.  In doing so, you are adding and important alchemical ingredient - your conscious involvement and feelings - in co-creating what is emerging in your life.
  • Share your joy, appreciation and gratitude.  Extend this feeling of joy, appreciation and gratitude as you envision your family, home, community, the natural environment, the world in the present moment.