Night 2 - Stabilizes

May 2 to May 19 is an important period to bring balance, stability, and rest into the process of change and growth.

Throughout the period of Night 2, notice the dynamic between action (doing) and stillness (being).

In the of growth or change that is occurring as part of the universal cycle (234 days), throughout these eighteen days discover the aliveness in the flow of change by finding stability while in movement. 

Find balance:  your center of gravity in your body, peace and love in your heart, wisdom of mind and guidance of spirit or one's Higher Self 
  • engage and explore yoga, body-mind centering, a walking meditation
In this period, there could be a sense of aggression, or violence:
  • notice if there is a continual over extension of energy, an impulse to get ahead, or attain something now without regarding the impact to others, or the surrounding world around
  • cultivate the notion of reflective-action versus a reactive-action