Night 3 - Creates Flow

From June 7th to June 24th it is the period called Creates Flow.  

Also known as the 3rd night in the Ninth Cycle of the Mayan Calendar. It is the sixth of thirteen steps (of periods) in growth and transformation towards universal or unity consciousness.  In the Mayan cosmology, the 3rd night is governed by the God of Death. 

Why would the God of Death be positioned to guide in the middle of this process of growth instead of at the end?  As Death from a western perspective would normally be seen as the end of things, the end of life.  Yet, if we think about our past experiences of change in our life,  we may perhaps gain a an additional perspective.  We recognize as baby becomes a toddler, or an adolescent becomes an adult,  there is a growth and change that occurs...a gain in new skills, the body is different, etc... If we take a picture before and after change...something (internal and/or external) has shifted.

Hence, in moving forward, there is an action of also letting go as part of the process of transformation.  Think of what is left behind as a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. Even in the most mundane activity, say traveling from Ottawa to Montreal.  We must leave Ottawa behind (if only for a few days) in order to enjoy spending time in Montreal!

  • What is being called to be let go?  To release? To transform?
                        Within self? In connection with others? Out in the world?  
  • What is needed to bring closure and resolution to any situation that is pending?
  • What might be required to finish projects that are lingering?