People, Places and Books

Thank you for your support and teachings over the years!

Julie Desmarais
is an Emotional Intuitive and Holographic/Usui Reiki Master Teacher Trainer in Ottawa
Valerie Vandermeer
is a spiritual visionary and passionate advocate of human magnificence

George Kao
a business coach who aims to integrate spiritual development, right livelihood, and world betterment

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Mother Earth Natural Health
A unique health food store with over 300 bulk herbs and spices

PranaShanti Yoga Centre
Over 80+ yoga classes
and workshops per week!


Inspiring words!

Reflections onThe Art of Living
A Joseph Campbell Companion selected and edited by Diane Obson

Leadership Agility
by Bill Joiner & Stephen Josephs

Le Grand Rassemblement -
L'émergence d'une Nouvelle Terre
Propos recueills par Martine Vallée