Film - Tom Kenyon

 "Imagine a film about the mysteries of sound that has the power to transform audiences.
A film that can blend science with spirit to inspire breakthroughs in consciousness." Woody Creek Pictures

Ward Serrill and Sophie Mortimer of Woody Creek Pictures
have launched 

I participated in the Intuitive Sound Healing training in 2011. It was my first experience seeing and hearing Tom in person. I was awestruck. Yes, I learned about intuitive sound healing, yet being in Tom's presence there is so much much much more to learn, to discover and to explore. 

For me, Tom Kenyon has become a role model as he embodies Self-Mastery.  He is an incredible teacher, musician, scientist, shaman (and more...) who shares and resonates a depth of knowledge and wisdom ranging from neuroscience to esoteric traditions, bridging left and right, east and west, the alchemy of relationships, the list  goes on...

If you haven't done so, check out Tom's voice and sound offerings. Tom's teaching do provide insight and can be catalyst for one's own healing journey and transformation.