Feb 14 Heart Meditation

Centering into Heart Space

February 14 is Valentine's and World Sound Healing Day! 

In preparation for the global Heart Meditation which will occur at Noon I will be leading an online meditation for 30 minutes at 11:30am (EST) to support centring into your Heart Space.

11:30 am


Join the online guided meditation to release tension, bring awareness and center into your Heart Space. 

Connect with others into The Field: a global, and cosmic web of light.

State and energize intentions (silently or spokeninto The Field.

11:50 am 

 Enter into silence.

12:00 pm - Noon 

I will ring a bell to signal the beginning of the Global Sound Meditation.

The conference line will be muted, yet remain connected until 12:15pm. 

Tone and or listen to the vibrations of AH online wherever you are for 5 min!

Visit the world sound healing chamber, Temple of Sacred Sound

next click ENTER

next click the sound AH 

12:10 pm 
        Closing - Gratitude (in silence)

There are no registration fees for this session. Registration now closed.