Feb 7 Yoga & Subtle Energy

Presence and Sensing: Body, Mind and Spirit

FEBRUARY 7, 2014
7:00 PM 8:30 PM
Free class
Ottawa-West Location: details to be sent upon registration.

In this 90 minute class, there will be:

  • Gentle yoga to synchronize the body & breathe, heart & mind.
  • Both guided meditation and self-directed time in silence.
  • Discussion and exploration of subtle energy (chakras, flow of prana/ki/chi).
  • Develop Presencing - sense and operate from the presence of an emerging field.
Discover new ways to lean in and lovingly listen within.

Practice your ability to sense, observe, and transform areas in your body that hold tension

Embody the power of your presence.

Bring awareness to connecting to your core essence as we invite the flow of universal life force.

Benefit from the synergy and support of group meditation. No previous knowledge of energy work/healing required.

New or experienced with yoga or meditation? All are welcome