Sacred Circle Dance (Mar 2)

Join with others to form a Sacred Circle to explore Sacred Dance. 

On Friday March 2nd, the evening theme is TRANSFORMATION.

    Take time to connect with the ANCESTORS,  the wisdom of the EARTH, with our own HEART CENTERS
    as we honor great CYCLES in the circle of life.

    Support change, transitions, and transformation as you explore coming into alignment within,
    moving individually and forming the fluidity of one as a group.

Sacred Circle Dances will be lead by different Sacred Circle facilitators throughout the evening.

Where:  340 Churchill
When:   7:30pm to 9:30 pm
Contribution: $10

FYI...for more information on Sacred Circle Dance,  read an article by Janet Burn, published in the February issue of Ottawa Natural Magazine. Page 42, "Dancing for Body, Mind and Spirit".
"Participants enjoy traditional and contemporary dances, moving together in a circle. Dances are taught each time, and  steps repeated frequently so that the familiar patterns are conducive to relaxation  and even meditation"
Ottawa Natural Magazine, download February issue

Once a month, join with others to create an evening of Sacred Circle Dance in the Ottawa area.