ShakeYourSoul® (July 8)

Kripalu Yoga Dance
Nourish and exercise your body, mind and spirit! 

Shake Your Soul is a class that inspires movement: connecting body mind awareness using music from around the world.  Experience the healing benefits of gentle yoga and freeing dance movement in a fun and exhilarating class suitable for all levels, including non-dancers.  Take part in guided movement as well indulge and connect to your own rhythm within. The benefits reach well beyond the physical, into the emotional, mental and spiritual realms restoring a deep sense of well-being to one's entire being.

When:  Friday July 8th
            7:30pm to 9:00pm

Where:  PranaShanti Yoga Centre,  52 Armstrong St

Cost:  $15

Register at PranaShanti

or in person. Map/directions below