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EssenceOfAngels(r) - Practioner or Teacher Training

for the FREE TALK,  Essence of Angels Practitioner Certification or, Essence of Angels Teachers Course, click here

Free Talk in Ottawa - Friday May 15th, 2015
Simone will be sharing Sacred Ancient Wisdom’ in the form practical tools and ancient practices to inspire, awaken & transform peoples lives from the inside out.

Essence of Angels(r) Practitioner Certification 
Saturday & Sunday May 16th-17th, 2015
The Essence of Angels two day Practitioner workshop is a life changing journey of self-discovery and soul re-connection. The workshop empowers people to take control of their lives and create and fulfill their highest soul potential.

The workshop assists people in finding answers to and / or addressing the following:

Finding your Life Path or Soul Purpose;
Accessing Past Lives;
Connecting with Lemuria / Atlantis;
Using the Essences for holistic energetic healing;
Working with Crystalline vibrations;
Stimulating your medical intuitive abilities;
Accessing & developing your unique gifts & talents;
Re-claiming your potential future gifts & talents 
and bringing them into the now.

Essence of Angels(r) Teachers Course
6 days May 16th-21th, 2015

First time offered in Ontario 

This 6 day training will provide detailed teachings on the Archangels, Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Sound, Colour, Subtle bodies, 13 Energy Centre system and a deeper understanding of the Essence of Angels healing modality.

You will also learn in more depth how to connect with the Essence of Angels healing modality without the use of Essences, to support students/practitioners in awakening to these ancient healing wisdoms. 

For additional information, download the Essence of Angel May 2015 Prospectus (see pdf in folder below)

for the FREE TALK,  Essence of Angels Practitioner Certification or, Essence of Angels Teachers Course, click here

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