Sound Exploration

Join in a community gathering to experience and explore the Ghandarva Ceremony

Tom writes, " The Purpose of the Ghandarva Experience is to enter the Celestial and Angelic realms of Experience

[It] is ideal for group participation since the 'law of third force' operates here.  The Law of third Force states that when two or more are gathered together for a common purpose, there is a third force that is greater than the sum total of the members".  

Experience sound meditations, 
receive vibrations from The Field of energy - light and information - created by the group in meditation.

Fruit will be prepared, infused with the sound vibrations of the evening, and will be part of the offering.

Sunday March 30th,  
3 pm - 5 pm

Location:  Ottawa-West

Contribution: sliding scale $2 to $5 

To register, contact Catherine.