Mayan Tree of Life

Connect with the WISDOM of TREES
“The trees are called Standing People because they are our teachers. 
“The roots of the trees go deep into our Mother Earth, and their branches reach for the sunlight high in the sky. These teachers of the woods show humankind how to balance the male and female energies present in every human being.
“Through their example, we can learn how to give and receive"
~Jamie Sams, Earth Medicine: Ancestor’s Ways of Harmony for Many Moons~

  • Explore your personal MAYAN TREE of LIFE.   
  • Bring awareness to your LIGHT BODY as we engage in creative play and bring attention to the flow of prana, chi, ki within.
  • Tune in to your unique self-expression and life force.

Date and Time:  to be determined
(Summer 2014)

Location:  SpiritArt Studio, 
 317 Chapel St, Ottawa, ON

Cost:  $25

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